Lost Arts Radio Show #292 - Special Guest Lloyd Marcus


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I first encountered the writings of Lloyd Marcus (www.lloydmarcus.com) years ago on the excellent site News With Views. I was struck with Lloyds common sense and clear logic, in a world that at that time already seemed crazy to me. Our world today, particularly in the last few months, has degenerated a lot from that time when I first heard of Lloyd. Comparing today's world to a mental hospital, where both staff and patients are insane, would probably be unfair, to a real mental hospital. So I won't make that comparison. But it still seems to me that racism is certainly a mental illness, no sane person would ever fall into it. But that's exactly what our major corporate media wants us to do. In the past, they promoted racism against "black" people, now they do the same thing, but this time against "white" people. The point, of course, is to keep us all hating each other and fighting, so we're distracted with that and never figure out that we're members of one family, who should love and support each other as we go through life. Lloyd Marcus became known as "the unhyphenated American," to make the point that this idea of all different categories of Americans, based on where our ancestors came from, is for one purpose only, division. He reminds us that no matter what color our skin may be, we're Americans, fortunate to be born into a country founded on the principles of individual freedom. And when we live that ideal, we inspire the people of all countries to do the same. It's not just for Americans to realize. With that unity consciousness, we can drop the nonsense of racism and division from each other, and get on with the business of living what we believe in, respect, love and appreciation for each other, as we each work to fully become the person we were designed to be.

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