Lost Arts Radio Show #342 - Special Guest Dr. Larry Palevsky


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What's the proof that doctors don't have to emerge from medical school like zombie parrots, repeating "Safe and Effective, Safe and Effective"? Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a pediatrician practicing at the Northport Wellness Center in New York. The webpage introducing Dr. Palevsky says "Healing the whole child naturally," and that describes the medical approach Dr. Palevsky uses. It should be adopted by all pediatricians and child health professionals worldwide. In fact, health professionals who work with adults should follow the same course also. Specialization in medicine and other fields, without the necessary contextual understanding to apply the specialized knowledge wisely, has led to injury and death on a global scale, of those who trust the specialists. Specialization combined with blind trust of authority is even worse, as we see proven now on a daily basis, as the fake "pandemic" is used as an intentional tool to destroy life on our planet. Dr. Palevsky is one who understands what we are watching unfold. So, hoping to make the best use of this rare opportunity to visit on air with one of the great doctors of our time, of similar stature to recent guests Dr. Merritt, Dr. Tenpenny and other amazing individuals we've had the pleasure to meet, we'll be using Sunday's discussion to talk about where the "pandemic" situation is going, as well as the larger world picture and our prospects for the immediate and longer-term future. The specifics will include some discussion of the fact that since the PCR "test" is not a diagnostic test, there are actually ZERO lab-diagnosed COVID cases in the world so far. For the syndrome of good lung function with hypoxia that CAN be diagnosed by symptoms, there are cheap and much safer means, banned by "health" authorities, that resolve the condition quickly almost every time.

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