Prevail | Week 9 | 1000 Yr+Books & Book+New Heavens & Earth | Ryan Iverson | August 29 2021


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Join us for Week 9 of the PREVAIL series for the final sermon titled “1000 Yrs + Books & Book + New Heavens & Earth”! We live in a world of ongoing conflict and unrest. All around us are signs of the reality that so many live in a state of fear—or worse, hopelessness. Many centuries ago, John, the author of Revelation, penned a letter to seven churches. In it, he reminded them that Jesus’s death and resurrection had brought about victory, and as followers of Jesus, they would be victorious as well. We are reminded that we must PREVAIL no matter what as we journey through the unknowns of this life. This series calls believers to confidently trust in Jesus’s victory in the midst of the challenges and struggles of the world today. Jesus’s victory is our own. Jesus wins! We prevail!

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