I am human and I am allowed to make mistakes


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  1. an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.

"coming here was a mistake"


Understanding that as humans we are allowed to make mistakes and it is inevitable. We go hard on ourselves to make sure not to make a mistake but it is essentially what makes us human, our imperfections and the likes. With mistakes we grow and learn to become the ones we’re meant to be each day.


-What will this season by about? Why choose to talk about mistakes?

· It is part of the journey, mistakes is a very personal experience and processing them is quite exquisite and unique for everybody.

-If you think you’re good at what you do and won’t commit any mistakes think again.

· Even if you’ve been doing something for years like in sports, in your career and all the likes, the probability of making a mistake is less but is still possible. Our conditions and surroundings may affect our abilities to make a decision.

· One slip up, one moment of inattentiveness can cause us to make a mistake. Sometimes these mistakes would make us think we’re loser, and will make us doubt our abilities as a person.

- Don’t be harsh on yourself

· Remember that your mistakes does not define you, it is a specific moment in time that shows you a piece of your humanity.

· You are allowed to make mistakes, it means you are growing and changing in a world that keeps turning.

The truth is we will never be perfect.

· It’s in our humanness that we learn through a hit and miss process.

· We make sense out of the things in this world, we do something and we eventually find out what works for us in both mistakes and success.

· No matter how hard we work we will never be safe from making mistakes because things change and the concept of right and wrong also evolves with time.

· These mistakes will make up who you’ve become and becoming, doesn’t mean it’s bad it just sheds a light on the things you may have slipped up on.

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