#77 - President of FFWPU America | Naokimi Ushiroda


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One of the most important roles of a parent is not just to raise respectful and obedient children, but also responsible individuals. This goes for the Divine principle that centers on the relationship between the True Parent and a Heavenly parent and child. Having this kind of connection can help people, particularly young adults and married couples who make sexual decisions, gain their sexual integrity and learn to practice Godly parenting.

In this episode, Naokimi Ushiroda, President of the Family Federation for World Peace, will acquaint us with Heavenly Parent Holy Community, Sexuality and Religion, the term “absolute sexuality”. Here he will share how he managed to open up to his children about one of the critical issues that a parent encounters which is sex, and how he knew and learned about it when he was young. He will also discuss with us the future of the Family Federation.

To further help us through this parenting journey, he will also offer advice on how communication can be used as a tool and foundation of a relationship based on his experience of being married at an early age. Join us to learn more.

  • Being guided by your conscience [11:58]
  • Controlling yourself [13:30]
  • Good sex isn't a commitment [20:55]
  • Outlook on sexuality and religion [25:40]
  • Concept of Absolute Sexuality [26:51]
  • The perspective of true freedom [32:33]
  • The future of Family Federation [36:25]
  • The reality of the sexualized culture [41:10]
  • Process of reclaiming your sexual identity [42:32]

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