#104 Weight Bias in Public Health, COVID-19 Research + How to Accept Your Body w/ Epidemiologist Erika Austhof


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In today's episode, we interview Erika Austhof, an epidemiologist at the University of Arizona College of Public Health. She has spent the last year advocating for weight-neutrality in COVID-19 research and ending weight-stigma in public health. She is also a past client of mine and we talk about her history with disordered eating and body shame and how she was able to make peace with both food & body.

Topics we cover:

- Weight bias in research and how to advocate for change

- weight stigma and COVID-19 (myths about BMI and health outcomes)

- What actually determines health (hint: it's way more than just what you eat and how much you exercise)

- Overcoming internalized fatphobia and hating your body

- How to leave behind Diet Culture and choose yourself!

- The power of community and sisterhood

And so much more!

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