#111 What They Don't Teach You in Nutrition School, Health Advice from a Dietician, & How Weight Stigma is a Public Health Issue with Shana Spence, MS, RDN, CDN @Thenutritiontea


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Today, we have an awesome conversation with Shana Spence, MS, RDN, CDN, and Anti-Diet Dietician that I love to follow on Instagram, she is @TheNutritionTea.

We cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • What she didn't learn in school
  • What society emphasizes for health and what is ACTUALLY needed for health
  • The buzzword-ness of "Superfoods" that don't actually have superpowers
  • Racism in Health Care
  • How weight stigma is both a social justice issue and a public health issue
  • Health advise for the general population
  • Body positivity and celebrity culture
  • economical/convenient options like canned, frozen, or packaged food

And so much more!

Find Shana:

IG/Twitter @thenutritiontea

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