#120 Healing Through Inner Child Work, Breathwork and Somatic Work with Stevie Wright


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This episode is all about unbecoming who we thought we had to be to succeed and be loved and becoming exactly who we are!

Today, we have an episode with Self Love Coach and creator of The Breath Channel, Stevie Wright. And it is full of vulnerability, authenticity, and a little sparkle! Stevie is so shiny and bright and someone I truly love and respect. In addition to talking about Stevie and her journey, I share some of the deep work I have been doing with Stevie as my coach.

Topics we cover:

- How Stevie was traumatized from being on American Idol

- Feeling like you need to perform or achieve to be loveable and how to heal that wound

- How our stories, limiting beliefs, and perspectives get formed in childhood and impact our present and future life

- What is inner child work and why it's so helpful and healing

- What is breathwork and why is it such a powerful tool for getting into the body and healing at a nervous system and cellular level

And so much more!

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