How I Use Social Media: Lyndsey Roberts


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In today's show, Stuart welcomes Lyndsey Roberts for the 5th episode in the 'how I use social media' series. Lyndsey, who is at strong_likeamutha on Instagram, is a leadership and empowerment coach and the founder of Strong Like a Mutha. They talk about content creation, why she's comfortable on camera doing things like reels, how she uses Instagram to make people aware of her business and why photography is an important aspect of her content plan.


  • [01.47] - How she uses social media as a fitness professional.
  • [05.12] - Being vulnerable on social media.
  • [17.12] - Considering your values before you put out a post.
  • [19.52] - Using professional photography in your posts.
  • [33.47] - Shame-led marketing messages on social media.
  • [37.47] - Effective lead generation on social media.
  • [40.32] - Using email marketing/ a website.

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