Lisa Gimenez-Codd: Parenthood And Working With The Pre/ Postnatal Client


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In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Lisa Gimenez Codd. Lisa was one of the first ever guests on the show back in 2017. She's someone that many of the LTB community continue to turn to for advice when working with the female client. In this episode, we discuss parenthood and why they both find it extremely difficult, some misconceptions around pregnancy and the prenatal stage, when to start making changes with a pregnant client, postnatal considerations, getting the pre baby body back and more. If you work with clients who are pregnant or have had kids, you'll pick up a lot in this episode.


  • [02.21] - How Lisa's lockdown experience has been?
  • [05.54] - What does it mean to her to be a parent?
  • [15.41] - Have we grown as an industry with pre/postnatal since we last spoke in 2017?
  • [22.10] - Misconceptions around prenatal.
  • [24.40] - How to have the conversation around 'eating for two' when a client is pregnant?
  • [26.50] - Considerations and questions a trainer should have when a client says they are pregnant?
  • [29.00] - When should we start to make changes around our programming & nutrition advice?
  • [36.01] - Miscarriage and how to help your client.
  • [41.55] - How long does it take before a postnatal client is ready to return?
  • [46.10] - Postnatal considerations.
  • [50.15] - Why breastfeeding may not be as easy as you think for your client.
  • [53.30] - Getting the pre baby body back...
  • [58.50] - The pelvic floor and pregnancies impact on it
  • [60.10] - The menopause.

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