Ludology 241 - A Different Kind of Year


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We continue our annual tradition of bringing board game industry veteran Stephen Buonocore, now retired from Stronghold Games/Indie Game Studios and focusing on media and podcasting. We explore the bizarre, catastrophic year of 2020, and consider what's in store for us in 2021.

Note that this episode was recorded on Monday, November 30, 2020; we occasionally say "this year" to mean 2020 instead of 2021.


6m24s: "Travis" is Travis Worthington, CEO of Indie Game Studios.

9m00s: Back the Comeback is a movement to keep comic and game stores alive during the pandemic.

13m26s: Gravitation Games (who did not release their first game on Kickstarter), Chris Solis' Solis Game Studio, and NewMill Industries.

18m58s: More info about the idea of flight-to-quality.

22m04s: You can hear more from Luke Crane and Anya Combs on Ludology 223 - Kick Out the Jams.

27m41s: You can play Codenames online here.

29m13s: Tim Hutchings' 1000 Year Old Vampire, Travis Hill's zine games, Jeeyon Shim's games about nature and survival.

32m47s: Our socially-distanced Gen Con 2020 live show, Gil's blog post about online conventions.

33m46s: Gil's thoughts here were really driven by Jeff Tidball's blog post here.

40m13s: Castle Tricon

42m01s: Board Games Insider

43m06s: Some board game Twitch streamers: The Brothers Murph, Ruel Gaviola, Board Game Blitz

46m17s: Our Family Plays Games, Before You Play

1h04m59s: Stephen's Facebook, website, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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