LHLM 101: Positioning vs. Branding


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We know you’re a lawyer, so what? That’s not enough. What makes you stand out? Gyi and Conrad share tips on making your practice stand out in a country awash in lawyers. Know the difference between simple branding and real positioning.

Also, a BIG change is coming to Google searches. It’s driving SEO specialists nuts. Plus, new findings from Clio show the importance of marketing your tech capabilities in a post-pandemic world. What are prospective clients looking for? Learn more at Clio.com/solo.

And of course, “Dumb Sh*t Lawyers Do” (like, say … not reading their marketing agency contracts).

Need to bone up on your marketing basics? Check out our prior LHLM 101 episode on Pay-Per-Click.

Special thanks to our sponsors Alert Communications, LawYaw, and Clio.

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