50. Strengthening Your Company By Creating Value For Your Customers with Todd Hockenberry


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Sales and marketing are so important to the lifeblood of a company. Who sits at the center of these is their customer. As such, it is crucial for companies to think of how they are creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. This is the principle of inbound, and in today’s episode, Domenic Rinaldi sits down to talk deeper about this topic with Todd Hockenberry, the founder of Top Line Results and an advisor and coach for B2B industrial and manufacturing companies. Through his book, Inbound Organization, Todd shares with us how you can build and strengthen your company’s future using inbound principles, especially during this time of uncertainty. He expands on the ways you can create that inbound culture through content that really touches your audience’s emotions and then move that marketing into sales. Ultimately, what organizations should think is how they can be of best help to their customers, putting themselves in their shoes and creating value from their perspective. Learn more about how you can transform into an inbound organization and more in this great conversation.

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