99: Patrick Stroth: Mitigating Post-Closing Risks Through The Rep And Warranty Insurance


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M&A deals don't just end after the acquisition. In fact, inherent to it are post-closing risks that buyers and sellers will have to face. Are there stones left unturned during the due diligence process? What monetary holdback and liability will arise? Domenic Rinaldi's guest for this episode, Patrick Stroth, has been the go-to person for many buyers and sellers looking for their way out of these risks. As the founder of Rubicon Insurance Services, LLC, he has been a pioneer in applying what is called rep and warranty insurance (RWI) to lower middle-market M&A transactions so that all parties can achieve a clean transition. Together with Domenic, he explains to us what this insurance is all about, what are involved with it, how the underwriting process goes, how much will be spent, and how to introduce this concept to potential deal negotiations. Follow along to this conversation to find the peace of mind you need post-closing.

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