92. The Bumpy Road To Growth Through Acquisition with Priscilla McKinney


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There is something romantic about growing a business organically, but those who have been in the trenches know how unglamorous that process can be in the day-to-day. Growth through acquisition is a far quicker and easier option if you want to grow in scale, but you also have to be very careful about the potential pitfalls. This B2B marketer’s story beautifully illustrates that point. Priscilla McKinney is no stranger to adversity, as she has seen her previous business literally burn down to the ground. Somehow, the confidence that she gained from rebuilding that business from the ashes backfired on her when she finally tried her hands on business acquisition. You are going to appreciate Priscilla’s candor in sharing what transpired in this transaction, which is a cautionary tale on the many pitfalls of M&A and a reminder of the importance of surrounding yourself with an experienced M&A team. Join in as she shares all of that in this learning-packed conversation with Domenic Rinaldi.

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