EP 160 - Rico on 90-Day FBA Challenge by FBA Lifestyle


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In this episode, Rico appears on the 90-day FBA hosted by Riley Bennet, founder of Amazing Marketing Co. (an Amazon Marketing Company), and host of a travel blog called Livin’ That Life. Here he presents the 4 Steps to Find Quality Suppliers in China.

Episode notes:

Searching for Suppliers, Assessing Quality, Finalizing your order, Elevating your relationship

How to spot a trading company from a factory, Communicating to Chinese Factories

Dealing with non-English speaking Chinese staff, asking relevant questions point-blank

Charging or paying in RMB or USD, Applying for Import/Export License, Shipment best practices

Consolidating samples from different suppliers, Setting up contracts for OEM and ODM projects

Translating contracts with Hongkongese Lawyers, Verification of Business License of a Chinese company

Communication Channels when doing transactions with factories/suppliers in China

The importance of building connections and relationships with salespersons

Understanding how the factory operates and its chain-of-command

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