EP 164 - Debbie Arcangeles on Digital Nomads, Panic Attacks, and Starting a Podcast


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Rico got to sit down with another female Entrepreneur, Debbie Arcangeles of The Offbeat Life. In this episode, they talk about growing up as an Immigrant in the West, Filipino Culture in General, and Create a living off of what you want to do.

Episode Notes:

Debbie on Digital Nomads, Difference between a Digital Nomad and a Location-Independent Entrepreneur

Growing up with hardworking parents and as immigrants, Filipino Expectations for their Family being Nurses

Working on 9 to 5 jobs to being an Entrepreneur, Dealing with Panic Attacks for several years

Starting a Podcast and quitting a 9-5 job, scaling the podcast and starting to earn from it

Creating a system to your business, the right mentality to implement on a business

Importance of getting people on board, and the consequences of doing the business all by yourself

Getting sponsorships quickly, getting on other people’s podcast for Marketing, getting featured in big Publications

Being a female Entrepreneur in the West, Females of being the head of the household

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