EP 166 - Eric Yang on Why College fails Entrepreneurs, Virtual Summits, Evergreen Courses, and Millennial Mindset


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Rico got to sit down with Eric Yang, Founder, and CEO of Lead Next Gen Summit. In this episode, they talk about China’s history of power, Starting from nothing, and why he thinks college is not for Entrepreneurs.

Episode Notes:

Moving to the West to pursue his Entrepreneurial dream, Living Like a King/Queen inexpensively

Entrepreneurial Scene in Asia compared to the West, Diversity in a company

China’s Land banking in the 20th century, China’s investments and deals with other countries

Existential crisis of the youth today, the difference in Mentality in the youth in China

Eric Yang’s “Fuck College” podcast, dropping out of college

Why school is not for Entrepreneurs, growing your network while you’re in college

Finding Mentors and Personalities that who you want to be like

Starting the Virtual Summit Business, Failing his book to start the virtual summit business

Virtual summits as a way to grow your email list and generate leads

Repurposing the content of Virtual Summit, reaching out for speakers and sponsors

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