EP 170 - Building Crowdfunding Campaigns in COVID-19 with Johnny Loh


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As mentioned in this episode, similar to the 2008 recession, a lot of products or businesses will be launched after the pandemic. If you are one of the people forced to work from home or work online, this is the best time to think about launching a business/product. Tune in to this episode to know more.

Important Notes:

- Being location-independent, being a Brand Marketer, Starting a career from producing videos to E-Commerce

- Creating your own Brand rather than selling on Amazon, their Million-Dollar Product from Kickstarter

- Trying out the Digital Nomad lifestyle, living in Asia, Being an Amazon FBA Guru

- Struggles in Launching a Crowdfunding, Infringement in their first Brand of Silicone Rings

- A solid launch strategy doesn’t guarantee success, losing lots of money on multiple products they launched

- The Crowdfunding Climate: Then and Now, 2016 was the Golden year to launch a crowdfunding

- The Pandemic forcing people to work at home, and launch a commerce product

- Misconceptions in Crowdfunding, Pros, and Cons of Crowdfunding Platforms

- Personal Life struggles during the pandemic

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