EP 173 - From Newscasting to China Blogger to Author with Nicole Webb


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With her book releasing, Rico chats with Nicole Webb, author of the “China Blonde.” In this episode, they talk about the story behind the book, moving to a foreign country with no one but her family, and her sheer persistence to get to the life she wanted.

Important Notes:

- Moving out from New Zealand to Hong Kong, raising a kid in Hong Kong

- How amazing the landscape and culture in Hong Kong, moving to Xi’an

- Their first encounter on Cross Border Summit as an emcee

- Starting a blog, being a journalist and the voice of her blog, and monetizing it

- The story behind her book, “China Blonde”

- The language barrier she encountered in Hong Kong

- The contrast between Mainland China and Hong Kong

- Interviewing locals and expats on the start of her blog and book

- Difference between writing for journalism and writing a book

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