EP 179 - Rico's Ruminations on The Difficulties of Hiring & Managing Staff Part 1


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Rico looks back to the previous employees he had, how he managed them. He also talks about transitioning from being a lone wolf to a manager. He also shares about how to let go of that control to someone that will manage a team in the company.

- Previous employees, current employees, and high retention rates in SFA

- The difficulties when hiring employees, building an identity being en employee

- His teaching experience in Organic, working with his students

- Being too “Buddy-buddy” to his early staff, separating himself from his staff

- Having good employees, and spreading his self too thin on SFA

- Hiring inexperienced staff and delegating tasks that got out of hand

- Being reminded of the values and ethos of the company by an employee

- Shifting his mindset from employee to employer, setting boundaries and core values

- Trusting your own staff more

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