Effective Communication for Manufacturing Leaders


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Are you communicating with your team effectively? Step up your communication skills this week as Jason Zenger shares 10 effective tips to improve your communication as a leader.

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  • Segments:

    • Jason discusses "miscommunication" (1:02)
    • Jim shares good news about Carr Machine & Tool. (5:28)
    • The guys discuss this week's manufacturing news. (7:44)
    • Tip #1: How to be self aware to understand your team better. (14:30)
    • Tip #2: Why you should assume the best in others when you communicate. (15:47)
    • Tip #3: Have a mutual best outcome in mind while communicating. (17:01)
    • Tip #4: Be direct and forthcoming, but be empathetic. (19:02)
    • Tip #5: Be open with your team: Share your thoughts and ideas with your team. (20:33)
    • Tip #6: Understand people can handle bad news better than they can handle lack of communication. (21:30)
    • Tip #7: Be specific with what you're asking for. (22:48)
    • Tip #8: Seek to understand your team. (27:20)
    • Tip #9: Over-communicate. (29:54)
    • Tip #10: Learn how others like to receive communication. (31:14)

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