Estimating in a Digital World


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In the 250th episode of MakingChips, the hosts discuss new factors and trends in the estimation process, especially when utilizing an ERP system. Jim Carr also shares his quoting process, and the tips and tricks he has used over the years that other manufacturing leaders should take into account.

3:30 | Nick tells a story about quoting

9:00 | Jim shares manufacturing news about the surge in metal prices

12:50 | Jim breaks down the estimation process into 3 factors: the estimator, the tools, and the tactics

19:30 | Jim explains his quoting process

23:30 | The hosts compare a traditional spreadsheet to an ERP system, and what columns to utilize

30:15 | The hosts discuss veteran quoting processes vs newer quoting tactics

34:50 | Jim lists some "red flags" to look out for during the estimation process

38:00 | Jim summarizes his thoughts on effectively quoting a job

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