How Do You Communicate Change at Your Manufacturing Company?


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In this week’s episode of MakingChips, host Jason Zenger and Nick Goellner discuss tips for effectively communicating to your team in the workplace


  • :00 | Jim and Jason share how ProShop ERP helped them with the federal R&D tax credit
  • 1:14 | Jason and Nick discuss changes in leadership at their companies
  • 5:07 | Jason mentions article on Manufacturing predictions for the next decade
  • 10:57 | Jason and Nick discuss cloud-based data and how moving to Edge and 6G will be faster
  • 11:58 | Nick shares his thoughts on communicating change to team members
  • 17:02 | Jason touches on how you can make implementing changes into a win-win situation
  • 27:26 | Jason and Nick offer their final thoughts on the episode
  • 29:32 | Jessica introduces Xometry’s new purchasing system: Xometry Pay

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