How Does Your Manufacturing Company Go To Market?


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In this week's episode, Jim, Jason, and Nick talk about the different sales channels that you can utilize for your manufacturing company, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Segments: 0:00 | Nick explains how he sees ProShop ERP on shop floors across the country.

5:15 | The hosts share manufacturing news and purchasing trends for 2021

15:21 | Nick introduces different sales channels and how they function

19:55 | Jason discusses why companies such as Tesla don't go through local distributors and dealers

22:00 | Jim calls Matt Bain of Mazak North America to talk about IMTS Spark

30:38 | Nick introduces the concept of business development leaders, who handle distinct product groups at a national level

32:55 | Nick explains using regional sales managers as a direct channel

37:37 | Jim brings up how too many people in the sales channel could take a longer response time

42:55 | Nick discusses independent manufacturer's representatives as a sales channel

46:38 | Jason and Nick analyze the distributor relationship within a sales channel

49:56 | Jim shares the sales channels that he utilizes

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