How to Create a Diverse Community in the Workplace to Solve Challenges in Manufacturing with Equity Machine Works


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In episode #265 of MakingChips, host Jim Carr, Nick Goellner and Jessica Peterson discuss How to Create a Diverse Community in the Workplace to Solve One of the Biggest Challenges in Manufacturing with Justin Sherman and Andrew Crowe with Equity Machine Works


  • :02 | Jim promotes Amper, a great company that specializes in machine monitoring systems, easy to Install with minimal on-boarding. Check them out at and look under products for their pilot program
  • 11:37 | Justin Sherman and Andrew Crowe from Equity Machine Works, explains Diversity of Manufacturing and how it relates to his business model; ie; Manufacturing, Teaching, Trades Classes, Managing the Pre-Apprenticeship Program, Grant Funding, Educational Programs, Barriers that some grants create on their own
  • 23:32 | Nick speaks to Manufacturing per prior discussion; Manufacturing needs a rebrand, needs to know how to communicate their brand better
  • 24:37 | Jessica discusses to group how important StoryBrand is - Clarifying your message (using straight-forward language) as well how it can create barriers to entry
  • 30:21 | Nick talks to Equity Machine Works; Are you a machine shop? What's different between your shop and Carr Machine Tool; Justin speaks to how Equity Machine Works benefits and adding value to the Community
  • 46:52 | Jim and Nick offer their final thoughts on the episode

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