How to Manage Your Triggers and Habits


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In the newest MakingChips podcast, the hosts discuss how to use triggers to create new habits and systems for your business and your personal life.


0:00 | Nick talks about how he sees ProShop ERP on shop floors across the USA.

4:01 | Jason shares an article about a how people purchase books to display and pretend to look intelligent

7:27 | Jim and Nick explain a times they made changes to remain transparent as leaders

9:23 | Jason describes how he attempted to start changing certain habits at his company by creating new triggers

14:19 | Jason talks about the system he adopted to discuss and track the changing triggers and habits with his team

16:43 | The hosts talk to Chuck Matthews at DP Technology Corp. about IMTS Spark.

24:13 | Jim asks Jason and Nick how they store and utilize the information they gather through reading materials

27:53 | Jason explains how he's used triggers to create habits in his personal life

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