How’s the Health of your Entrepreneurial Operating System


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What exactly is EOS, and what is an L10 meeting? This week on the MakingChips podcast, co-hosts Jim Carr, Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner share their experiences and discuss how to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System for leadership success.


  • Jason and Nick share their thoughts on expansion. (3:33)
  • Jim announces 'Chiptober Fest' for the MakingChips Grand Opening event. (5:45)
  • Jim shares this week's manufacturing news: Indiana Lost nearly 8,000 Manufacturing Jobs in 2019 (6:50)
  • Jim reads the first paragraph of Letting Go of The Vine, of the book Traction. (11:45)
  • What is EOS? The Definition of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (12:39)
  • Nick defines the process of kicking off your EOS (17:00)
  • What is an L10 meeting and why is it called L10? (21:08)
  • The structure of a Level 10 meeting: (23:46)
  • One of the most important aspects of the L10 meeting- Rocks. (27:23)
  • The 3rd aspect of the L10 Meeting: Client/Employee Headlines ( 30:40)
  • What are To-Do lists? (31:40)
  • Identify, discuss, solve: Issues List (32:27)
  • Differentiating the types of issues that belong on the issues list. (35:07)
  • L10 Meeting: What is a parking lot? (38:55)
  • The guys share their success using L10 meetings for their businesses. (40:38)

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