Is Imposter Syndrome Limiting Your Growth as a Manufacturing Leader?


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In this week's episode, we share our experiences with imposter syndrome and discuss what it means. We talk about how it affects different generations and how to rise above the feeling that you aren't qualified or don't know what you're doing.

5:01 | Nick covers general manufacturing news - and improving market trends

8:55 | Nick defines imposter syndrome

10:05 | Jason brings up a bible verse that illustrates that everyone is a little bit of an imposter

13:32 | Jason asks how you'll learn anything if you never ask

22:26 | Jason and Nick discuss what imposter syndrome means for a manufacturing leader

25:42 | Nick shares a story about feeling like you can't ask questions or make mistakes

30:32 | Jason mentions how important it is to get your self-worth from multiple places, and Nick talks about how ego plays into imposter syndrome

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