Leading, Learning, and Lessons From 2020


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In this week's podcast, hosts Jason Zenger, Jim Carr, and Nick Goellner share the new leadership principles and processes they adopted during 2020 to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how other manufacturing leaders can benefit by doing similar.

6:20 | The hosts share recent manufacturing news, plus Nick has his own special announcement

13:20 | Jason explains how he focused on growing his company's core values in 2020

16:15 | Jim discusses the new implementations he made at CARR this year

18:30 | Jason recounts how he increased communication between his employees

28:50 | Nick describes how his leadership team implemented new Lean practices and playbooks

33:09 | Jim shares the added business responsibilities he felt due to the COVID-19 pandemic

35:00 | Jason gives details on his experience of testing positive for COVID-19

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