Marketing with a Tommy Gun with Metalworking Influencer Tony Gunn


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In this week's episode the MakingChips hosts talk with metalworking influencer Tony Gunn and his career in the manufacturing industry.


0:00 | Jim talks about how simple ProShop ERP made his virtual shop audit

4:25 | Nick shares manufacturing news about the rise of firearm sales

10:00 | Nick introduces the episode guest, Tony Gunn, the General Manager of MTDCNC Global

13:18 | Tony discusses how he got his start in the manufacturing industry

17:40 | Jim asks if the manufacturing industry is still seen as a "dirty" or "lower-class" industry

22:00 | Tony shares some of his thoughts on social media, marketing, and fellow manufacturing influencers

29:19 | Tony talks about his new position at MTD CNC Global

35:30 | Jason asks Tony about what problems he is trying to solve in the manufacturing industry

39:43 | Jim and Jason talk about the knowledge centers at IMTS Spark

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