Milling Advice from Apple with Guest John Miller (Part 1)


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In Part 1 of this 2-part series, the MakingChips hosts welcome guest John Miller, founder of Way of the Mill, an education platform for CNC milling. In this episode, John shares his background in the manufacturing industry, including his time at Makino and Apple, and why he chose to start Way of the Mill.

6:09 | Jason shares current news about the near future of the manufacturing industry due to COVID-19

12:10 | Guest John Miller, founder of Way of the Mill, tells his origin story in manufacturing

16:00 | John shares information on his experience working on turnkey projects at Makino

23:20 | John explains why he chose to share his milling advice online, and how good and bad fundamentals affect a company

27:05 | John discusses his time at Apple, and their involvement in the manufacturing industry

31:09 | John explains how he maintains unbiased content and the value it brings

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