Setting the Standard for your Manufacturing Brand


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In this episode, MakingChips hosts, Jim Carr, Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner interview MakingChips Agency Director Jessica Peterson about what it means to have brand standards for your manufacturing business and why having a logo doesn't translate to having a brand.


  • The guys discuss this week's manufacturing news. (5:08)
  • The guys introduce this week's topic of Brand standards with special guest, MakingChips Marketing Director Jessica Peterson (9:00)
  • Jessica shares the importance of brand standards and where to start. (11:16)
  • Jessica gives insight on what should be part of your brand standards: Brand Book, Style Guide, and Media Kit (13:32)
  • Jessica shares some core elements your brand book should include. (15:48)
  • Jessica explains what a Media Kit is. (20:17)
  • Jason defines what a Favicon is and how to use it properly. (25:05)
  • The guys discuss the importance of defining your brand standards if you want to be a company that scales. (27:08)
  • Jessica shares how a small shop can start creating their brand book. (30:40) Email Jessica at

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