Talking About Talking About Politics


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In this week's episode of MakingChips, Jim and Jason discuss how and when to talk about politics in the workplace, and why it should never affect business relationships.

0:00 | Jason talks about the 6 different showcases at IMTS Spark 2021

1:40 | Jim and Jason share their thoughts about political discussions in the workplace

4:05 | Jim discusses the new CMM in his shop

7:40 | Jason shares articles about President Biden's COVID-19 relief plan and new trade policies

15:00 | Jason explains why he thinks we need to listen to the political perspectives of others and discuss politics openly

20:10 | Nick tells us about how Xometry can help you with on-demand custom manufacturing

24:18 | Jason shares his notes on how politics can be discussed openly and honestly in the workplace, what basic guidelines you should adhere to, and what kind of environment it should foster

37:07 | Jim discusses how CARR Machine & Tool was able to have a virtual real-time audit through ProShop ERP

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