The Power of the Production Meeting


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In this episode of MakingChips the hosts discuss sections to include in their production meetings, and how they can benefit their shop and team's productivity.


0:00 Jim shares how he can access real-time data and reports using ProShop ERP.

1:32 The hosts talks about the virtual grand opening of the Boring Bar

5:20 Jim introduces "social intimacy" and how it strengthens relationships

9:40 The hosts discuss what's happening in their businesses

12:30 Jim explains what he uses production meetings for and why they're important

15:49 Jim shares the different sections he includes in his production meetings and the benefits they provide to the team

19:08 Jim discusses how he added weekly COVID-19 updates to his production meetings in response to the pandemic 26:44 Jim creates a "hot list" to update his team on what's going on in the shop

29:50 Jim opens the floor at the end of meetings for Q&A and team discussion

34:18 Jim and Jason talk about the different showcases at IMTS Spark

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