Tom Brady and Manufacturing on the Moon with DARPA


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In this episode, the MakingChips hosts discuss the career of NFL star Tom Brady, and how his personal keys to success are also applicable to the manufacturing leader.


0:00 | Jim and Jason talk about the different technologies featured on IMTS Spark

7:24 | Jason reads a press release from DARPA about off-Earth manufacturing of lunar structures

12:45 | Jason shares his points on how manufacturing leaders can take cues from Tom Brady's success

13:13 | The hosts discuss how manufacturing leaders might be retiring too early

24:49 | Jim and Jason talk about IMTS Spark Demo Days with Stephen LaMarco from AMT

31:53 | Jason explains Tom Brady's daily schedule and how having a routine helps with success

37:10 | Like Tom Brady, having a healthy diet and lifestyle can contribute to the success of a manufacturing leader

39:30 | Having core objectives can get you on the path to succeeding, as opposed to unrelated pursuits

43:40 | The hosts offer final thoughts on how Tom Brady's successes can be contributed to his strict regimen and practices

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