Why You Need to Consider These New and Low-Cost Employee Benefits


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In episode of #267 MakingChips, host Jim Carr and Jason Zenger discuss Why You Need to Consider These New and Low-Cost Employee Benefits"

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  • :02 | Do you love your ERP? ProShop ERP. for additional details please visit: loveyourerp.com
  • 1:30 | Jason and Jim discuss Employee Benefits, the shift in culture, how we pay benefits to our employee
  • 5:21 | “Save the Date" Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 - Celebration of our industry and Manufacturing Leaders - a party that will Equip & Inspire @ MakingChips Headquarters in Rockford, Illinois
  • 7:35 | Jim shares manufacturing news - Smart Manufacturing news i.e., Broad category of manufacturing that employs computer integrated manufacturing, high levels of adaptability, rapid design changes, digital information technology and more flexible / technical workforce training
  • 10:05 | Jason and Jim talk about Amper, how Jim is utilizing Amper software (30 day trial) and how it has helped him become more efficient
  • 12:34 | Jason and Jim talk about innovative employee benefits and why to offer those benefits.
  • 27:23 | Jim and Jason offer their final thoughts

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