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In this week's episode, we get a look into Carr Machine's setup process. Hosts Jim Carr and Nick Goellner invite guests Ryan Carr, Operations Manager at CARR Machine and Tool, Inc., and Paul Van Metre, Co-Founder of ProShop ERP on to discuss the challenges they face with long setup times and explore how ProShop has helped them refine the process while providing measurable analytics for future improvement.


  • Jim and Nick talk about manufacturing news 4:26
  • Jim Introduces Paul Van Metre and Ryan Carr 8:40
  • Jim introduces the age-old issue of setup times 10:34
  • Ryan talks about today’s setup process on the shop floor at Carr 14:18
  • Jim and Ryan talk about how their team uses ProShop 15:47
  • Paul Van Metre lays out the pre-processing checklist at ProShop 20:42
  • Paul and Ryan cover the impact of implementing ProShop 26:41
  • Jim addresses the transition of accountability 29:54
  • Nick asks about ROI and measurable results for improvement 31:55
  • Success stories with ProShop 36:05
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