You’re not Crazy! Concussion Treatment with Matt Campbell of the Midwest Concussion Clinic


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In today’s episode we go deep into the world of all things concussion. Concussions are one of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries but because imaging can’t “prove” that there is damage, it can turn into one of the most lonely. Good news is, YOU’RE NOT CRAZY! What you’re feeling is real. And it can be treated! It’s not normal to wake up feeling dizzy, foggy, in pain, and off balance every day. Join us today as we talk with Matt Campbell, clinical director at the Midwest Concussion Clinic. Matt provides hope and in-depth knowledge on concussions, PCS, and its treatment. There is an end in sight!

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Concussions: the treatment has changed over the last 18 months--hint, it’s done a 180!
  • Sit and rest in dark rooms for 2 weeks leads to a longer recovery and is a disservice to your recovery
  • Symptoms of a concussion: headache, dizziness, fogginess, balance issues
  • Concussions need evaluation by a concussion specialist
  • Components of a concussion evaluation
  • SACT 5, golden standard for immediate diagnosis
  • VOMS assessment, tells them the most
  • Modified Clinical Balance Test
  • Treatment for concussions
  • Psychological effects of concussions
  • How return to activity decisions are made
  • The insurance aspects of getting care through an athletic trainer: the concussion specialist
  • Worker’s Comp and concussion treatment
  • Early treatment is crucial
  • PCS: Post Concussion Syndrome or Persistent Concussion Symptoms?
  • 20% of concussions have prolonged symptoms
  • Who’s most at risk: females 18-34 y/o likely due to hormone shifts with females’ cycles
  • Research on concussions
  • Treatment of PCS
  • Relies on the underlying cause
  • 5 main causes of PCS: decreased blood flow to the brain, soft tissue injury to the cervical spine, vestibular-ocular relationship (visual therapy), inflammation, psychological aspects
  • You’re not crazy!! What you’re feeling is real.
  • Helmets: skull fracture protection not concussion protection
  • Modifications to make to live with concussion and PCS
  • Brain injuries are the ultimate lesson in learning how to listen to your brain
  • The healthcare system in general may gas-light concussions. There is hope!! There is treatment! Caring practitioners who will help you are out there!!
  • Integrated approaches and other treatments for PCS: PRTMS, neuropsych testing, neurology, vestibular therapy

To find Matt Campbell or to ask any questions, reach out on:

Quotable quotes:

"Concussion treatment has changed...The goal of concussion treatment is to get back to activity as quickly and safely as possible."

"The definition of post concussive syndrome is changing to persistent concussion symptoms. PCS is not something separate from a concussion and its prolonged symptoms. The definition for PCS is symptoms that are lasting longer than 2 weeks in adults and 30 days in adolescents. 80% of the time the brain heals itself. 20% of cases have prolonged symptoms."

"You’re not crazy!! What you’re feeling is real. And it can be treated!"

"Work with your brain, not against it. Your brain will always win."

"Don’t suffer in silence. It’s not normal to wake up feeling bad after a concussion. There is help!"


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