Making Math Moments From Day 1 to 180


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We’re back for our third installment of our How To Start The School Year Off right! In this episode Kyle and Jon share their tips and strategies on how to prepare for the coming school year from the first day all the way to the last.

In episode 36 and episode 88 we’ve shared the activities you could do in the first week to build the classroom culture that is needed to fuel the thinking you want your students to do all year. In this episode we share what structural pieces you’ll need to prepare to keep thinking and growth going all year for your students.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to set the stage to inspire curiosity throughout the school year;
  • What your classroom could look like after the first week of school;
  • How often we should use problem based lessons;
  • What structures we need in place to sustain thinking in our classroom all year;
  • How to achieve spaced practice and learning vs massed practice and learning; and,
  • How do I prepare to assess my students for growth.


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