Apprentice Elaine Burns and Vince Whipple


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In this episode Johnnieanne Hansen speaks with Elaine Burns an IMT apprentice with Sono-Tek Corporation and her mentor, Vince Whipple, about their experience with the Council of Industry’s MIAP Apprentice program. Elaine joined Sono-Tek in 2018 after moving back to the region from Florida. Looking for a meaningful career she was introduced to Vince and began working at Sono-Tek. Soon after they were introduced to the apprentice program and Elaine began her Industrial Manufacturing Technician apprenticeship through which she began taking courses at local community colleges and Vince taught her the skills she needed to be successful at the company.

Johnnieanne, Vince and Elaine talk about Sono-Tek, the apprentice program and what it takes to be successful in the trade. They also talk the very different paths they have taken to their current positions with Elaine beginning her 3rd year and Sono-Tek and Vince’s 30th, as well as what comes next for Elaine.

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