Peter Stanway, CEO, Selux Corporation


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Selux Corporation Peter Stanway grew up in Manchester England began his career designing kitchens and bathrooms. Today, as CEO of Selux Corporation he is bringing that design sensibility to the manufacture of architectural lighting.

In this episode Harold King and Johnnieanne Hansen speak with Peter Stanway, CEO of architectural lighting manufacturer Selux Corporation. Founded in Berlin in 1948 by Hermann Bansbach, Selux brought light into this dark time with a simple, affordable battery lamp. Today Selux is a global company with 500 employees in Europe, North America, and Australia. They still are improving the qual­ity of people’s lives through but with ever more sophis­ti­cated light­ing con­cepts.

Harold and Johnnieanne talk to Peter about his career path from designer to CEO, the importance of lighting in our lives, evolving technologies, the impacts of COVID-19 on the business and so much more.

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