Ron Hick, Assistant County Executive, Dutchess County


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In this episode Harold King from the Council of Industry interviews Ronald Hicks, Assistant Dutchess County Executive. As the COVID 19 crises unfolds the Council of Industry is using all its resources to keep its members up to date with the latest information and resources to keep their employees safe and their businesses operating. This podcast is one of those resources and part of those efforts.

Dutchess County government is on the front lines in the battle to contain the Coronavirus and Ron Hicks is County Executive Marcus Molinaro’s crisis point person.

The County is working hard to communicate effectively with the population as a whole and the business community in particular about how to keep people healthy and the virus from spreading. Harold talks with Ron about some of the County’s efforts to contain the spread of the virus, how we can “flatten the curve” and why that is critical, his leadership in bringing Dutchess County Alliance for Business together in common purpose, “essential” businesses and more.

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