Marketing Multiple B2B Brands (Well): Melissa Zeloof, VP Marketing at ironSource


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Every B2B marketer I know is incredibly jealous of slim, streamlined B2C products that offer one service to one type of buyer. Throw in stacks of products for multiple buyers, a few acquisitions, massive B2B scaling...and the brand life for marketers gets rough. In this episode, we dive deep with Melissa Zeloof, the VP Marketing at ironSource, to understand how she navigates the brand terrain. In just under ten minutes we cover: The approach that stopped ironSource from Lowest Common Denimonator-ing themselves to death, how a brand land and expand model works , two marketing strategies she recommends to start early on in a brand's life and how ironSource took thought leadership to the next level with LevelUp+, a sprawling educational brand play that combines contributed content with podcasts, blogs, and even events. Learn more about Marketers in Capes, see Melissa's favorite marketing tools, and get some concrete examples of how she crushes it at

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