Pizza, Product Rosetta Stones, and Freemium Conversions


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You know when a podcast host only talks about Gilmore Girls and Pizza, while the guest sneaks in actual marketing tips? In this episode, Josh Slone, a content marketer-gone-product marketer at Gist, talks about how to bridge product development with what users actually want, user engagement (including how they got their freemium to trial rate up to 67% (yea, crazy), and an onboarding flow built on the one-two combo of segmentation and behavioral emails. We end with some thoughts on processes. It doesn’t get more exhilarating than that, ammiright? About Marketers In Capes: Marketers In Capes shares practical, no-fluff marketing advice in under ten minutes. Hosted by Eytan Buchman, each episode gets real-life marketing heroes talking about practical tips for standing out in a saturated world. See more rapid fire insights from heroes at Drift, MixPanel, Typeform and others here.

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