You’re (Probably) Doing Video Marketing Wrong with Sivan Felder from Two Head Consulting


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This podcast episode started when I couldn’t stop watching a video I saw on Facebook. Because Sivan Felder and her business partner (and brother!), Barak at Two Head Consulting, have gotten social media videos down to a formula. So very much unlike my 8th grade math class self, I wanted to know the formula was. In this episode, we dive into why videos created for social media platforms are different, two important ways to start videos social media video needs to start, and how distribution and context impact each other. Also, Harry Potter. Listen. Because you can’t watch it. About Marketers In Capes Marketers In Capes shares practical, no-fluff marketing advice in under ten minutes. Hosted by Eytan Buchman, each episode gets real-life marketing heroes talking about practical tips for standing out in a saturated world. Learn more about Marketers In Capes Podcast

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