Luria Petrucci: How to harness the power of flaws to build engagement with live video


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How to keep your email subscribers and customers engaged using ads

If you have ever gone live on any of your social platforms, I am sure you've discovered, the barriers to go live have very little to do with camera tips or which buttons to push.

Instead, it has everything to do with HOW YOU show up on camera.

In this episode, I talk to Luria Petrucci about how to harness the power of your most painful flaws to break through to your tribe on social media.

In this episode

  • The 2020 blow-up of Live Video
  • Building a human connection being “Uniquely You” on camera
  • Turn your “flaws” into strengths and engagement
  • What your audience doesn’t want to know about you
  • Multi-streaming in a clever way
  • The truth about how to get benefits of the algorithms
  • Live for Leads or Live for Launches


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