Mike Morrison: The secrets to building a profitable membership


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In this week’s episode, I’m talking to Mike Morrison, one of the most experienced guys when it comes to designing, building, and marketing membership businesses.

Mike Morrison is the co-founder of The Membership Guys and Membership Academy, the host of a popular podcast, international speaker, and author of two bestselling books. He has also been featured on the likes of Social Media Examiner, Huffington Post, and Net Magazine.

In this episode
  • How Membership Guys came about
  • The Apple app content marketing strategy
  • The difference between membership sites and online courses
  • Do you need to have an audience before launching?
  • From audience to devoted community
  • The number one factor that drives profitability
  • The fallacy we struggle to accept
  • The most transcendent moment of a membership owner
  • Beyond the sale: The marketing flywheel
  • Mikes #1 tip to make marketing human
  • How to not lose sight of the person in front of you

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