What Makes a Good Press Release with Tom Clarke Independent Writer, Trainer and Content Strategist - Episode 84


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Tom Clarke, a Independent writer, trainer and content strategist working with businesses to create compelling content that gets them in front of and resonates with their target market.

Tom spent 16 years within the more journalistic side of PR where he discovered and mastered the power of the press release, which amongst a whole host of other topics, we’re going to cover today.

Tom also creates online course, covering topics such as press release writing, which I implore you to check out. The link as always is in the show notes.


- Tom described a PR Strategy as one that gets you in front of a much bigger audience than your current comms do, to those that don’t know you yet.

- The main difference between Journalism and standard copywriting is that when writing a piece for a journalist, you are doing just that, writing with the middleman in mind. What will gain their attention and trust enough for them to publish it, whereas you have much more control in your copywriting and where this will be featured and the final edit!

- In order to write an effective press release, Tom shared the elements that we all need to be considering:

- The Who, What, Where, Why and When - It needs to be quick and succinctly written - With a solid 1st paragraph - And a punchy first line - And remember, always ruin the ending, by placing this at the beginning!

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