#139: April 1970 (w/Stuart Wellington) - "The Long Journey Home!"


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Stuart Wellington is the co-creator and co-host of the best podcast on the internet, Till Def Do Us Ppardy. (He also co-hosts and co-created The Flop House.)

Stu's appearance on MBTM means that we've now had all three of the Original Peaches join us, putting us in the elite company of Blank Check, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, and Sophomore Lit. Visit Stu's bars Hinterlands and Minnie's, and check out his wife Sharlene's podcast, I Know the Owner.

For more than 30 additional minutes of this episode, support us on Patreon at the $4/month level to get access to our super-secret bonus feed of content. The expanded edition of this episode includes our conversation about Amazing Spider-Man #86, featuring the first appearance of Black Widow's classic costume, and Avengers #77 (in which Tony Stark hits up the Avengers for back rent).

Stories Covered In Detail This Episode:

"The Killing of Brother Brimstone" - Daredevil #65, written by Roy Thomas, art by Gene Colan and Syd Shores, ©1970 Marvel Comics

"The Long Journey Home!" - Fantastic Four #100, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby w/Joe Sinnott, ©1970 Marvel Comics

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